James Bond Island

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A day tour to Phang Nga can be enjoyed either overland by road, or by speedboat depending on your hotel location (and budget).

For those opting for the overland experience, travel along a scenic coastal route with en route stops in Phang Nga. Visit Suwannakuha Temple where you can explore Buddha cave and it’s mesmerising stalactites and stalagmites (and be greeted by lots of monkeys!) before hopping on a longtail boat to cruise around Phang Nga Bay. Visit the renowned Lord Cave. When you emerge from the cave, observe the rocky statue of the Khao Ma Ju, Khao Nom Sao and Khao Chang. You can see glimpse of daily life in Muslim village and pass two mountains of Khao Ta Pu before reaching the island of Ping-Kan, better known as James Bond Island. Enjoy a delicious Thai lunch, fruits, your favorite tea or coffee at Panyee Village (Muslim Village).

Alternatively, set sail aboard a private speedboat and head to the turquoise waters of Phang Nga Bay. Pass by ‘James Bond’ Island, slowing down for photos of this beautiful site. Venture further to discover dramatic limestone karsts jutting out of the water and a pristine mangrove forest. Relax and enjoy the views as the boat glides across the bay. The boat’s captain will seek out a secluded beach for a chance to swim in the clear waters or sunbathe on the white sandy shores. The day continues with a visit to a privately-owned island. Go ashore at this tropical paradise and explore the tranquil beaches which are blissfully free from development. A barbeque of fresh seafood will be prepared for lunch in this incredible setting. Spend the rest of the day swimming and lounging about, soaking up the sun’s rays and the serene atmosphere. Return to your hotel by boat, arriving just as the sun begins to dip low in the sky.

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