Pon Arena

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This new hotel is home to the 30 most comfortable rooms on Don Khone Island, the largest island in Siphandon, each of which either overlooks the river or the mountains behind.

Whist it would be foolish to claim that the Irrawaddy dolphins will be constantly playing right outside your balcony, it is fair to point out that we are deep within their usual territory.

Mr. Pon, the charismatic owner, has a large influence on the property, having personally designed the interiors with a contemporary – and tasteful – influence. The whole property is open and airy, making good use of the natural light. As you would expect, the Pon Arena is close to the riverfront and there are wonderful views from the public areas, although there are other restaurants, internet café’s, bicycle rental services and all the amenity of a small town close by.

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