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The Laoations love children, and that’s just one of the reasons it’s such a great country for family travels. Younger children will find themselves feted and treated as the most important member of the family, and can enjoy anything from a textile crafting class at Ock Pop Tok in Luang Prabang to family friendly cooking classes, or gettings stuck in to farming in the lucious rice paddies at Kamu Lodge and we just know they will love exploring areas such as the Kong Lor Caves. For older children (and, secretly, for their parents as well) things like tubing and cycling are bound to be popular, as is the opportunity to sample some of the (very relaxed) night-life in Luang Prabang and Vientiane. In short, you really can trot out the old cliché that Laos has something for people of all ages!

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